I have been in sales since I was 16 years old. Imagine getting a call between 5-8pm from a teenager selling an 18% interest rate credit card because you are on the Golf Digest mailing list. But wait! There’s an 8.9% introductory rate AND you get a free sleeve of golf balls when you use your card for the first time. 

Crazy, right? Wrong. 
I made more money doing that job than any other 16 year old anywhere. And there were a few reasons why:

1. I didn’t sound like I was 16. My communication skills were so on point that I could call myself out of high school and the front office staff 100% believed that I was my mom (hypothetically, of course, because I would never actually do that 😉 
2. I didn’t read a script. I knew the product and the company so well that I could answer to any objection with full confidence. I believed in the company and the product so strongly that I stayed there for 13 years, marriage and my first kid! 
3. I connected with every person that answered the phone. Even the annoyed ones. “Yes, Mr. Smith, I know you would rather be anywhere else that on the phone with me right now, but I would not have called if I didn’t think this was important. I just need 60 seconds…you can even time me.” or “Mrs. Smith, you are in Kennett Square, PA, the mushroom capital of the world… have you ever gone to the parade?” Connection is one of the most important elements of sales and you can do it in so many ways. 
4. I was intentional. There’s a reason for every question. Every pause. Every statement. If you know what you want to achieve with every phone call, video, email etc. you know why you are saying what you are saying.
That job propelled me into years of public speaking, coaching, tv appearances, and more. But the basics are always the same. Confidence, connection and intention will get you exactly where you need to be. 
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