Whether you have been in business for 2 weeks or 20 years, you have a story to tell. It’s that story that will re-connect you with your existing clients and introduce you to those that have been looking for you. Your story is your brand and your brand should be unique.

For 20 years, I have translated those stories into email, blog posts, website copy, fundraising campaigns and more. Each story carefully constructed with the voice that matches the brand. But how do you get your story in front of those that need to read it the most? That’s where strategy comes in.

When your story connects with real people you gain clients, team members, colleagues and maybe even a few friends 😉

Get your story told. 

My name is Stephanie Tomko. I’m a former corporate training expert, turned non-profit executive director turned entrepreneur and real estate agent. I’m passionate about helping other entrepreneurs grow their business and their bank account by being authentic and strategic. Utilizing your voice partnered with digital marketing to make an impact AND an income. I’ve worked with the Philadelphia Eagles, ABC affiliated networks, non-profits in the Philadelphia and Austin metro area and adults with disabilities. It’s not about the name dropping though, it’s about the relationships.

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