40 years

2021 marks 40 years of Type 1 diabetes for me. It’s a mix of gratitude, disbelief and a little bit of a celebration. I can’t imagine my life without Type 1 diabetes. I really can’t Diagnosed at 4 years old, I don’t remember anything before needles and finger sticks. So much has progressed since 1981. From glucose monitors to insulin pumps, I’ve had a front seat to all of of it. I’ve met extraordinary people because of this disease and I still get a little excited when I see someone wearing an insulin pump.

I still struggle with roller coaster days and diabetes fatigue. I still get lows that throw me into a sweat worse that post half marathon in August. But I keep waking up and taking on the next round of bolusing and counting carbs.

I know that I am lucky to have access to health care and medical supplies whenever I need them. Really really lucky. So for my 40th diaversary and Diabetes Awareness month (November), I’m posting a non-profit or mission driven company that supports diabetes. Not just Type 1, I’m including organization and businesses that support it all. You can follow the posts on Instagram @stephtomkoatx and I’ll drop links here as well!

Happy Diabetes Awareness month and happy carb counting!

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